tirsdag den 21. august 2007

Buildroot configuration for Samba 2.2.12

I've posted the Buildroot configuration files for building Samba 2.2.12 to the Gumstix mailinglist.

Latest progress: I've attached an external USB 2.5" harddrive to the USB port on the Breakout-vx. It needs external power, but otherwise it works perfect.

søndag den 12. august 2007

Network interface works, Samba works

Compiling buildroot (version 1507) fixed the network problem. Compact flash and USB memory stick works too.
So I wanted to get Samba on the Verdex. Fetched Buildroot configuration files from http://buildroot.uclibc.org/
It compiled ok, but the executable (smbd) seg-faults. Tried to debug using both Strace and gdb, but neither gave any useful information. Ok, downgraded to Samba version 2.2.9 (it was 3.0.23b that segfaulted). After some fiddling it compiled, and worked too.

lørdag den 4. august 2007

Trying it out

Apparently my serial port is broken on my primary laptop, because when I first connected and powered up the Gumstix motherboard, the output was pretty messy. But when I connected it to another laptop everything looked fine, and I could log in on the machine.

I connected the ethernet cable, but could not get the network interface to work. It just said eth0: link down.

Googled and found this: netCF-ethernet-problem. It turns out that the firmware the motherboard shipped with has a broken ethernet driver.

So I'm now rebuilding the system, which takes quite a while.

Received the package

I ordered a Gumstix Verdex XL6P motherboard, and the netCF-vx, breakout-vx and tweener expansion boards:

Assembled with power and serial connection: